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Learning Together offer 3 individual AQE Practice Test papers suitable for the Northern Ireland Transfer Test.

AQE Test Content

The AQE Transfer Test (Common Entrance Examination – CEA) is based on English and Mathematics. With your child having to work at level 4 and sometimes level 5 work in both English and maths and results are age-standardised.

The AQE Common Entrance Assessment takes account of the learning programme and attainment targets of the Revised KS2 Curriculum for English and Mathematics. The questions will test the skills, aptitude and knowledge that all pupils should be developing as they approach the end of their primary school.

The structure of the test is usually such that it is a composite test paper with maths questions followed by English questions and then more maths question. This pattern is followed until the test is completed.

AQE Maths Content

The maths content will cover topics such as shape and space, data handling, number calculations, measures. The questions may be straight forward or may be a version of problem solving. The variety of question type will be wide and the standard required will be high.

While this list is not exhaustive questions may include some or all of the following:- Addition and subtraction, compare and order numbers (number value and place value), decimal numbers, fractions, handling data (eg graphs, histograms, pie charts etc), measures (eg weight, length, area, perimeter, volume, temperature, time etc), multiples, multiplication and division, negative numbers, number sequences, percentages, properties of numbers, ratio, shapes and their properties and using all this knowledge to apply to problem solving.

AQE English Content

The English questions for the AQE test will be a mixture of comprehension and basic English skills. The comprehension could be based on poems, a passage of prose or completing the content of a table to acknowledge verbs, nouns or other aspects of English grammar.

Again while this list is not exhaustive questions may include some or all of the following:- Adjectives , adverbs, alliteration, alphabetical order, antonyms, use of apostrophe, capital letters, clauses and phrases, commas, comprehension, connections and conjunctions, metaphors, nouns, plurals, paragraphs, prefixes, prepositions, pronouns, punctuation, sentence structure, spelling, suffixes, synonyms and verbs.

Our Learning Together AQE transfer pack contains 3 composite tests of 58 questions each based on the requirements of the Northern Ireland Curriculum. Each test paper contains both English and maths questions. The AQE exam is based upon these requirements and the format of these practice tests is similar to the real test and the standard of the work required is similar to the actual AQE tests. The questions in this pack are based on past AQE Transfer Test papers. 

Answer sheet included and this product can be downloaded as a PDF file for immediate use.

Association Of Quality Education (AQE Ltd)

The Association of Quality Education (AQE Ltd) is the company formed to manage and administer the AQE tests also sometimes known as the Common Entrance Assessment (CEA) for transfer of pupils from primary to a number of post primary schools.

Parents must register their child to sit the AQE version of the Transfer test. After the close of Registration in September, all candidates will be contacted by their Assessment Centre (a local post primary school), and invited to attend a familiarisation day in this school. 

Familiarisation days are organised by the Assessment Centres (usually a local grammar school) themselves, and can vary slightly from centre to centre. The Familiarisation days give your child an opportunity to see where they will be sitting the assessments, and to meet their room invigilators. While it is not essential for candidates to attend, it is recommended as it has been proven to help the children settle for the first assessment. 

There are 3 assessments which begin at 10 a.m. and last for 1 hour (with the exception of extra time candidates). AQE recommends that candidates attend all 3 assessments, however as the final age-standardised score is achieved through ‘best 2 out of 3’, it is only compulsory to attend 2 assessments. This allows for an ‘off day’ or illness or other problems. The dates of these Common Entrance assessments will be available at https://aqe.org.uk/.


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