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Mr Weir 1

(Belfast Telegraph 27/02/2017)

The two groups which currently run the unofficial transfer tests - sat by more than 14,000 P7 children across Northern Ireland each year - say they are "eager to work together to find a common transfer test". 

Since the final official transfer test was sat by pupils in 2008, the vast majority of selective grammar schools here have used tests set by two private organisations to decide their Year 8 intake.

Most controlled grammars whose boards of governors contain representatives of the Protestant Churches accept test scores from the Association of Quality Education (AQE).

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item 4The Department of Education (DE) has begun a formal process to find a common transfer test.The BBC (26/10/2016) understands that the DE's aim is to have a common test in place by November 2017. The DE have appointed Professor Peter Tymms, from the school of education at Durham University, to lead the initiative. It is called: "Towards a common assessment for the purposes of academic selection".

However, Education Minister Peter Weir told the DUP conference at the weekend that he could not "impose" a state-run test.

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Irish news 1

(Irish News 03/12/2016) Radical plans to create a single 11-plus exam have already run into difficulties with a key architect claiming agreement is "almost impossible".

As thousands of pupils today sit their final unregulated test, an influential group has raised issues about efforts to simplify the process.

The Association of Quality Education (AQE) said while it shared the desire for a common test, it had reservations.

For seven years, schools have run their own entrance exams. The last state-sponsored 11-plus was held in November 2008.

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