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11plus Verbal Reasoning Books 1and 2 Combined cover

Verbal Reasoning Tests - 10 Tests - 850 Questions - Preparation for 11+ Tests.


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This book is a compendium of VR books 1 & 2.

• It contains 850 questions.

• 10 tests with detachable answers included.

• Pupils can practice a variety of 11+ exam VR questions.

• Your pupils can experience a formal testing situation.

• Detachable answers included.


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Verbal Reasoning Tests - 10 Tests
850 Questions - Preparation for 11+ Exams. 

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ISBN-13: 978-1-873385-36-4
ISBN-10: 1873385366

This Verbal Reasoning book contains 850 questions in 10 tests. Each test can be completed in under one hour.

It is a compilation of all the work in Learning Together’s Verbal Reasoning Books 1 & 2.

This book, with 850 Verbal reasoning questions in 10 individual tests, contains a wide variety of question types including:-

Letter series

Questions similar to

Find the next letter in this series.

Y     A      C      E      ( ? )

Words that do not go together

Questions similar to

2 words that do not go with the other 3. (Related words.)

PEAR       APPLE       PLUM       RUBY       DIAMOND

Codes using letters

Questions similar to

In a certain code the word HOME is written as IPNF.

What is HOUSE in code?

Adding a letter to create two new words

Questions similar to

rop (?) ver      AND      tre (?) at

Number series

Questions similar to

Find the next number in this series.

9      11      13      15      ( ? )

Finding a four-letter word hidden in a sentence

Questions similar to

Find the four-letter word that is hidden in this sentence.

After the third time and fourth time he gave up

There are also other question types such as codes, number series and reading information (logical deduction).

There are more difficult alphabetical order questions created to advance your pupils' ability in and knowledge of the alphabet. Rehearsing alphabet work will give them a strong understanding of the alphabet and will also help them in other Verbal Reasoning questions such as letter series or word codes.

The book is suitable preparation for pupils taking their 11+ examinations or grammar school selection tests. Questions asked in the CEM tests are also included.

Working systemically through these tests will help improve any pupil's understanding and ability to tackle Verbal reasoning questions.

The authors are experienced teachers who, over a number of years, have developed and used these tests extensively in the classroom.

Working through these tests will provide pupils with experience of formal testing while at the same time helping them to become more familiar with the variety of verbal reasoning questions that may be asked.

Verbal Reasoning Tests (a compendium of VR books 1 & 2) and is book 1 in a set of 2.

The succeeding book is called More Verbal Reasoning Tests. (a compendium of VR books 3 & 4)

The Learning Together range of Verbal Reasoning books complements their range of Non-Verbal Reasoning books and their “How to do” Non-Verbal and Verbal Reasoning Step by Step books.

Detachable answers are included.