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11plus-Verbal-Reasoning-Book 4 Cover

Preparation for 11+ Tests: Book 4 - Verbal Reasoning.


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Develop your pupils' confidence in 11-plus Verbal Reasoning.

11 plus Verbal Reasoning practice Book 4 in a set of 5 graduated books.

• Builds on the work of VR books 1, 2 & 3.

• Questions include logical deduction, number series and letter series.

• 5 tests each with 85 questions. (Detachable answers included.)

• Give your class practice in a variety of more challenging 11+ Verbal Reasoning questions.

• Provide your pupils with the experience of a formal testing situation in the safety and security of their own school.


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Preparation for 11-plus Exams: Book 4 - Verbal Reasoning.

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ISBN-10: 1873385285

This is the fourth book in our series of 5 graded 11 plus practice books for 11-plus verbal reasoning. As with books 1-3 this book provides additional practice for your class as they prepare for their 11-plus exam and the questions contained in this book are similar questions to those found in 11-plus exams set by private schools or Local Authorities.

Verbal reasoning for the 11-plus is not new and often contained questions on letter series, logic and number series. 

Book four contains revision work and extension exercises designed to improve and enhance your pupils' ability to cope with a variety of 11-plus verbal reasoning questions.

It contains revision work which will allow both you and your class to review their improvement to date. Progressing through this range of books will enhance your pupils' capacity to confront verbal reasoning with increased confidence and composure.

There are questions on letter series comparable to this simple example :-

Find the Next Letter in This Series.

     Find the next letter in this series.

Y              A             C             E              ( ? )

In this question type you are asked to insert the next letter or letters into the series. Writing out the alphabet very quickly can be very helpful. The "series questions" in book 4 are more demanding and may involve 2 or even 3 letter combinations. A good knowledge of the alphabet is essential and will help pupils complete this question type quickly and with accuracy.

There are other questions checking your pupils' knowledge of synonyms – words with similar meanings. This question expects that your class will have a wide vocabulary and their vocabulary will be increased by reading widely across a wide selection of diverse texts.  

There is also preparation and revision material with the intention of improving related number and maths skills required for many maths based verbal reasoning questions. These include number series and sequences such as in this extract from Book 4.

Complete the sequences below by inserting the correct number in the brackets.

16,       24,       20,       28,       24        (____________)

4.9,      6.1,      7.5,      9.1                   (____________)

80,       85,       95,       110,     130      (____________)

625,     636,     647,     658                  (____________)


Other preparation and revision work requires pupils to answer algebra questions where numbers are replaced by letters. This question necessitates a quick recall of all their number facts and that they can apply these facts both quickly and accurately.

There are 21 commonly used verbal reasoning question types and Book 4 covers many of these questions including Completing the Third Word from two other words.

An example follows :-

SNAKE              (MAKE)             SMALL                          HATS   (____________)   SEAL

Reading for information (also called logical deduction) involving both English and maths.

           If Tim had 6p more he would have half as much as Jill.

          Jill has 3 times as much as Fred who is 12p short of 30p.

          How much does each one have?

Questions demanding an understanding of sentence structure to improve reading and comprehension.

In the sentence below 2 words must change places to make the sentences

sensible. Underline the TWO words.

Look at this example:-       The wood is made of table.


Tom’s watch and one was a half minutes fast.

Book 4 has been written as a revision and practice resource which will help any pupil develop their skill and confidence levels when attempting 11-plus verbal reasoning questions.

As with books 1-3 Book 4 also contains 5 tests with each test containing 85 Verbal Reasoning questions. This book is planned to reflect the question types that your pupils may be faced with in their real eleven plus exams. Detachable answers are included.

A time of 50 minutes is suggested for each test allowing pupils a study time resembling the actual 11-plus examinations.