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11-plus exam preparation.

Throughout the country there are many different forms of grammar school selection tests and 11plus exams and so it is important that as you prepare your child for for this very important exam that you must find out exactly what type of test or tests your child will sit.

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Bromley 11 plus

The Grammar Schools

There are just two grammar schools in Bromley using their own version of the Bromley 11 plus. The demand for both of these schools is extremly high.

St. Olave's has 124 places for boys at year 7 and these are so heavily contested that potential pupils must first sit the School’s Selective Eligibility Test (SET).

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There are six Grammar schools in Yorkshire spread over 3 local areas. These areas are Calderdale, Kirklees and North Yorkshire. The application process varies from area to area and school to school. 

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Grammar school pupils

Barnet 11 plus


To be considered for a place at a grammar school within the London Borough of Barnet, your child must achieve a high score in one of the versions of the Barnet 11 plus test set by various grammar schools. This exam is held at the beginning of Year 6.

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Bexley 11 plus

When are the Bexley 11 plus tests taken and what do they consist of?

The tests will be sat in the September of your child's last year in primary school for admission the next school year.  Bexley Local Authority notify parents about the dates and, if you are an out of borough resident, which test centre your child will sit the test at.

The Test Papers.

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There are 14 Grammar schools in Lincolnshire. They are 11-18 selective schools that are open to all children who qualify using the 11+ exam. Places are subject to sufficient places and suitable transport being available. They provide an academic curriculum that stretches able children, and they also offer a wide range of educational opportunities, both in and out of the classroom.

These grammar schools currently do not charge fees and play a key part in secondary school provision across the county. The schools fall into two categories, selective academies who are responsible for their own admissions and community schools who adopt the admissions arrangements agreed by the Local Authority.

The Local Authority is not responsible for selection arrangements and testing but does coordinate the admissions process through which parents make applications to the schools of their choice.

Test content.

Candidates are asked to take a Verbal Reasoning Test and a Non-Verbal Reasoning Test, either in their own Primary Schools or in the Grammar School where they have registered, according to the area. Candidates record their answers on an Optical Mark Reading (OMR) sheet, being required to shade the correct choice on the OMR sheet. The questions are in multiple choice format.

For entry to secondary school or grammar school in September of the following school year children will usually sit their 11 plus exam in the autumn term of their last primary school year.

Coaching is strongly discouraged and pupils get two practice papers for familiarisation purposes prior to the actual eleven plus exam.

The Lincolnshire Consortium of Grammar Schools website has a wealth of information.

Lincolnshire Schools. 

Some of these grammar schools may be over-subscribed (this means that there are more qualified children seeking places than there are places available), although the pattern can change from year to year. 

The Local Authority is not responsible for selection arrangements and testing but does coordinate the admissions process through which parents make applications to the schools of their choice. You can find more information here. 

Lincolnshire County Council – School Admissions


NB. While the content is, to the best of our knowledge, accurate we cannot be held in any way responsible for any errors or omissions that it may contain.Please contact your LA or chosen grammar school for all admission and eleven plus exam queries.


Standard testing arrangements are coordinated across the county. There are 16 selective schools and 15 of them use the standard testing arrangements

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The Essex region has a number of grammar schools and children wishing to attend these selective schools must sit their 11+ exam. These exams are administered by the Consortium of Selective Schools in

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