Eleven Plus Exam Papers
by Learning Together 11+ Publishers Ltd

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Find and practice online elevenplus exams as good quality practice will provide scores and relevant professional feedback. This form of practice will offer a different and refreshing form of practice from the standard pencil and paper tests.

This really is the sixty-four thousand dollar question. Many parents send their child to private tutors either one to one or in a small group. In preparing your child for his or her 11+ exams you must be certain that the person that you entrust your child to is honest, trustworthy and does not present any threat to your child's safety and that you will get value for money. Sitting in a group of 15 or 20 pupils is not much different from being in a school classroom and personal attention to your child may be limited.

Have you wondered how rich you should be to send children to private schools in the UK? Fees can be anywhere between £3000 and £10000 per term so with easy calculations you can see that the cost of a full 6 or 7 years at private school could exceed £100k.

Even allowing for wide gaps in income the costs of private education are very high. At present about 7% of children go to private schools and some will enter by way of an elevenplus exam while for others their parents have to pay the full fees.

Many anxious parents and teachers ask this question and clearly there are a number of differences between the two practice systems. What pencil and paper practice offers is fairly obvious but subscribing to an online elevenplus exams practice platform should mean that your child gets easy and instant access to a wide variety of questions.

Well why not have a short try and experience the stress and pressure that your child will face in what is often called a high stakes 11+ exam. Many years ago, about 40 years now, the government began abolishing state sponsored elevenplus exams which selected children for grammar.

Your child is in Year 5 at primary school and reports from their class teacher suggest that he/she is doing really well. Based on this and your own knowledge of your child and other factors you have entered them for a range of entrance tests for private schools and 11+ tests for state grammar schools.

New education secretary supported the move before it became a flagship policy for Theresa May
New education secretary Damian Hinds called for a grammar school in every county or major conurbation before his appointment to the DfE

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